Nicole Ashley Photography

Nicole Ashley Photography worked with Pinnacle to create a gift package that aligned with her brand image and business.

USB, Box, Business Cards, and Thank You Cards

USB, Box, Business Cards, and Thank You Cards

How We Made It Happen

Our team at Pinnacle has been a longtime supporter of Nicole and her work. When she wanted our help to create a meaningful gift package for her valued clients, we could not wait to start.

In her line of work, outside of the client experience, the final product is often digital. The goal was to provide her clients with a tangible item that could hold all her digital assets that was an extension of herself and the brand. We created a stylized gift box with a USB, thank you card, gift certificate and business card. All products could be used independently or packaged together into the gift box. We wanted everything to work together, so across all products we executed similar tones, textures, and brand elements.

What They Needed

  • Product and Package Strategy

  • Sourcing, Design and Production

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