We are team of creatives that love coming up with new product solutions for the everyday challenge.

Here at Pinnacle, we think that brand promotion means so much more than just slapping a logo on a pen. We like to push the envelope and challenge our clients to think strategically about their product positioning and help them develop successful promotional strategies that they are excited about. 

Our skill-set goes beyond just sourcing awesome products (though we are pretty good at that). We also do identity branding, art direction, online stores, and unique graphic applications. To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our services page.

Kyle Nichols

Creative Director / Partner

Being the son of Dennis, Kyle was involved with Pinnacle from a young age. Lets just say marketing and promotions was always a large part of his life. After completing University he went travelling and worked abroad to expand his knowledge on the international stage. He returned and buckled down into the family business, taking Pinnacle to a whole new level. With strong interests in design, consumer behavior, music and fashion, Kyle is consistently expanding Pinnacles creative services to help their clients be on the fore-front of marketing trends. His involvement in the creative community has allowed Pinnacle to work with some the most influential brands in the city. 

Dennis Nichols

Founder / Partner


As the founder of Pinnacle, Dennis brings together his vast marketing background with his love of family, sports, and community. In 1999 he saw the opportunity and need for a local customer service driven sportswear and promotional product supplier.  His experience working in the transportation industry where his portfolio included business development, overseas markets, logistics and marketing gave him a wealth of skills to create a strong, innovative company.  Through his strong business sense, determination and drive the small family business focused mostly on sportswear has grown into a multi-faceted branding studio. 


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